Chapter 12: Interrogation (1)

Chapter 12: Interrogation (1)

Compared to back then, Zhu Xianyao’s appearance hadn’t changed much. She was still a pure beauty, but her temperament had changed drastically.

The Zhu Xianyao back then was extremely attractive and lovable, making it so that anyone who saw her would want to embrace her.

The current Zhu Xianyao’s aura had taken a complete 180.

He hadn’t noticed when he was far away, but now that he was close it was obvious.

Even though Zhu Xianyao was still elegant, she was no longer mild. Even though she was beautiful, she was no longer charming. Even though she was still full of life, she had lost her purity.

She was like a flower that had endured a snowstorm, transforming from a lily into a snowy rose.

Her eyebrows were cold, her face was cold, and even her gaze was cold.

This made Su Chen feel quite a bit of shock.


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