Chapter 11: Pig Dragon Prince

Chapter 11: Pig Dragon Prince

“What is your name?” Su Chen asked.

“I...... save......” Prince You wanted to yell.

However, the words had yet to leave his mouth when they were stuffed back in by Su Chen.

Su Chen pointed his finger at Prince You, whose face contorted into a pained expression.

Su Chen said shadily, “You won’t have a second chance. I’ll ask you one more time. What is your name?”

As he spoke, he released his grip. Prince You replied, trembling, “My name is You...... You”

At the very least, he hadn’t lied about his surname, meaning that this name was most likely the truth.

Su Chen picked up You Tianli and walked back towards where he had come from as he said to Shi Mingfeng, “Meet me at the entrance.

Everyone hurried over.

Su Chen quickly teleported past the open grounds, skirted past the Blue Sentinel Lights, and...

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