Chapter 10: Discovered

Chapter 10: Discovered

“Run!” Su Chen yelled internally as soon as the Sand Race individual said, “Spy!”

He Xu knew the situation wasn’t good. He turned around and bolted.

“After him!”

All of the Sand Race individuals present charged forwards, howling madly, but Zhu Xianyao’s only reaction was that her eyebrow jumped up slightly. Zhu Baiyu glanced at Zhu Xianyao, who shook her head slightly, before returning to his seat.

As for Pall, he merely harrumphed, “A tiny mouse? A tiny mouse dares appear in my castle? Catch him. We’ll have a nice, long chat with him.”

Hordes of Sand Race individuals were after him now. He Xu fled as fast as he could.

“He won’t be able to get away.” Shi Mingfeng’s expression was deathly pale.

At this point, if He Xu was still able to get away, the Sand Race might as well commit suicide right there and then. The only reason that He Xu could still run...

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