Chapter 6: Sleeping Together

Chapter 6: Sleeping Together

Su Chen casually waved his sleeves and the puddle on the ground disappeared. He then smiled slightly before saying to Night Demon, “Alright, if there’s nothing else then you can go to sleep.”

“Oh.” Night Demon lay obediently on the bed.

Su Chen continued with his experiments.

But as Night Demon lay down on the bed, she didn’t close her eyes. Instead, she watched Su Chen busy himself.

“Su Chen.”

“What is it?” Su Chen carefully pricked his hand, drawing out a drop of blood that he then placed onto a nearby experimental paper before mixing it with other liquids.

“If I sleep on your bed, where will you sleep?”

“I’m researching He Xu’s bloodline and won’t be sleeping tonight,” Su Chen replied without looking up.

“Oh,” Night Demon responded with some disappointment.

After a while, Night Demon suddenly said again, “Su Chen.”


“If you don’t sleep, won’t you be tired tomorrow?”


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