Chapter 5: Exploding Houses

Chapter 5: Exploding Houses

Because Su Chen hadn’t fallen asleep yet, he was the first one to charge out of his room.

But when he arrived in front of Night Demon’s room, someone was already standing there.

Shi Mingfeng.

He reached out and smashed the front door into smithereens.

Kong Cheng was there, facing off against Night Demon. At that moment, Night Demon was only wearing a small nightgown that revealed her pale white shoulders while brandishing a Water-Splitting Needle pointed right at Kong Cheng, her expression filled with killing intent.

When Shi Mingfeng saw this, his expression sank. “Kong Cheng, what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing really, it’s just a bit cold outside so I wanted to come in to warm up,” Kong Cheng said nonchalantly.

“Bastard!” How could Shi Mingfeng not understand what Kong Cheng was trying to do? He was...

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