Chapter 4: Night Lodging

Chapter 4: Night Lodging

They were in a desolate land.

There wasn’t a single blade of grass in sight, let alone any buildings. The only thing there was the dusty ground that filled their vision.

The sky somehow seemed to press down on them, while the sun hung high in the sky. No clouds masked the rays of sunshine that bore down on them, and the sand on the ground was so hot that it felt like they were about to melt at any moment.

At nighttime, however, this place would grow much colder very quickly, and a frightening wave of cold wind constantly blew. Any water exposed to it would be instantly frozen.

The huge temperature range between the daytime and nighttime made Island Abyss one of the most difficult places to live. Even Origin Qi Scholars trying to walk in the day would feel like they were being cooked alive.

Su Chen pulled out his flask and drank some water. He glanced at the others around him and noticed that...

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