Chapter 3: Plan

Chapter 3: Plan

Upon returning to the inn, Su Chen found that everyone was already there waiting for him.

When Su Chen arrived, Kong Cheng unhappily harrumphed, “What a grand reception! We can’t even start until he gets back.”

Shi Mingfeng directly said, “Su Chen is one of our most important allies and is a good friend of the Immortal Temple. The Immortal Temple doesn’t have many such friends, so please show a little respect for our allies.”

Su Chen knew that Shi Mingfeng was definitely secretly recording all this, which was why he was speaking so politely.

Kong Cheng rolled his eyes. “This is the first time I’ve heard of an ally that harms his own teammates.”

Even though Yue Longsha took on the responsibility of killing Ma Renze, everyone knew that Su Chen had manipulated things behind the scenes. The...

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