Chapter 2: A List of Names

Chapter 2: A List of Names

Ten Origin Stones for a wildebeest was very cheap.

Yet when Su Chen bought it, the maiden still thanked him before leaving in a hurry.

Su Chen looked around and saw that a few of the nearby Sand Race individuals had turned their attention towards him.

Their gazes were vicious and carried traces of killing intent.

No matter how you looked at it, the evaluation of the Sand Race as being overbearing and tyrannical wasn’t incorrect.

After he bought the wildebeest, the other people also bought a few Camel Wolves.

Su Chen couldn’t help but think that if he were the only one following the “rules”, then what would the Sand Race pirates do if they attacked while Su Chen and the others were traveling?

Would they let him off because he was the only one abiding by the rules? Would they implicate everyone else?...

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