Chapter 1: Mountain Overlook City

Book 4: Near Blood

Chapter 1: Mountain Overlook City

Mountain Overlook City.

This place was located at the intersection of Crow Region and Wolf Smoke Region. North of here was the no-man’s land, the Lonely Swan Ramparts..

The Lonely Swan Ramparts was a vast territory, but virtually no one lived there.

The place was extremely desertified. Vegetation had a hard time growing here, resources were scarce, and traveling through the region was very difficult. As such, it was not an environment in which humans could thrive.

The Sand Race were one of few Intelligent Races that could survive in this kind of place.

The Sand Race required very few resources. They could survive off of just a bit of water. Even in the most barren environments, they could survive, and their tenacity for survival was astounding.

In the 1200th year of Long Sang Country, Long Sang Country invaded the Sand Race and forced a peace treaty with the leader of the Sand Race. The Sand Race would acquiesce to the human race, and in exchange they would leave...

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