Chapter 160: Final Coercion (1)

Chapter 160: Final Coercion (1)

The Wang Residence.

The Wang Clan’s large courtyard had once been extremely prestigious. Back then, the stone tigers that guarded the front door had been so lively it was as if they had their own spirits that frightened the evil demons away.

However, even the barking dogs within the residence were now silent, let alone the stone tigers.

Large numbers of soldiers had surrounded the entire residence.

They were solemn, quiet, serious, and vicious.

They had surrounded the Wang Residence thoroughly so that no leaks could get through.

This harsh aura and oppressive force had gathered together like a dark cloud above the Wang Palace.

The Wang Palace was where those surnamed Wang lived; it was not just the Wang Patriarch’s residence.

As such, when their residence was completely surrounded by soldiers, everyone knew that something bad was about to happen.

Even the Wang Clan’s Patriarch had made...

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