Chapter 158: Being Brave

Chapter 158: Being Brave

Su Chen had finally eaten and drunk his fill.

He patted his stomach. “I finally feel a bit more alive. Right, how’s the situation over there going?”

“Where are you talking about?” Jiang Xishui asked with a chuckle.


“Wang Zhanyu tried to make a move once, but he was fought off by City Lord An. The Shen Clan hasn’t moved, while the Wei Clan tried to support the Lin Clan but was stopped by our men.”

“Old Wei has quite a bit of foresight,” Su Chen sighed. “Then what about the Lu Clan?”

Jiang Xishui said, “You’re asking about Lu Qingguang, right?”

Su Chen said exasperatedly, “That bastard has already screwed me over twice. If he doesn’t think I’m an idiot, he should know that I won’t let him get away with it. He can’t possibly pass up such a big opportunity, can he?...

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