Chapter 157: Courageous Battle

Chapter 157: Courageous Battle


Tragic cries rang out from within the Lian Residence.

These cries continued relentlessly without stopping. Anyone who heard it would tremble from fear.

The cries only ceased after time it takes to burn a stick of incense passed.

The front door creaked open.

Su Chen walked out, his body covered in blood.

When he had first stepped into the Lian Residence, his clothes were white. When he walked out, his white robe was dyed red, and even the Mountain-Beheading Blade was not excluded.

A top-quality Origin Tool treasure was displaying signs of wear.

The ferociousness of the battle that had just taken place was obvious.

The blood on his body was both from his enemies and his own.

He had been wounded thirty-seven time, twelve of them being quite heavy. Even the Algae Thread Coral and the Mystic Heavy Armor couldn’t completely defend ...

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