Chapter 156: Coaxing Out Surrender

Chapter 156: Coaxing Out Surrender

Within the Lian Residence.

Lian Chengshan sat in his own seat, his expression dark, somber, and ugly.

An Origin Qi Scholar subordinate was standing in front of him. He said, “We’ve already confirmed that Patriarch Xiong Tianyue has indeed died near West Alley, and the people accompanying him are all gone. Corpses litter the alleyway, and blood has already stained the streets red.”

“Do you know who did it?”

The subordinate shook his head. “I didn’t see anything. However, the Investigations Bureau’s head deputy Chen came by. After investigating the scene of the crime, he took a bunch of people over to the western area of the city.”

“The western area of the city......” Lian Chengshan muttered.

Was it Lin Fengtang?

Su Chen, you move so quickly!

Lian Chengshan sighed in his heart.

Logically, he should have made a move as soon as he heard the news, sending reinforcements to the Lin Clan to surround Su Chen, just...

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