Chapter 155: Display of Loyalty (2)

Chapter 155: Display of Loyalty (2)

When he heard these words, Lin Fengtang knew that it was his time to move.

Actually, as soon as Chen Wenhui appeared, Lin Fengtang knew what Su Chen was talking about when he mentioned a show of loyalty.

Chen Wenhui was Wang Peiyuan’s nephew. Even though he didn’t have the Wang Clan’s bloodline, his ties with the Wang Clan ran quite deep. Touching Chen Wenhui was equivalent to provoking the entire Wang Clan.

Su Chen’s request for this display of loyalty was basically forcing Lin Fengtang into a dead end - he wouldn’t relent just because of a single sentence of surrender from Lin Fengtang. He needed to push Lin Fengtang to a point where there was nowhere else for him to go.

The people from the Origin Bureau were actually there to force the Lin Clan into action.

Lin Fengtang was very clear that if he didn’t agree, the people from the Origin Bureau would slaughter their way over.

If the members of the Long Clear Gang and Evil Tiger Gang all had the Hemolytic Totem,...

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