Chapter 154: Display of Loyalty (1)

Chapter 154: Display of Loyalty (1)


Lin Fengtang had finally surrendered.

He couldn’t not surrender. These people were all his subordinates. Would he only surrender once those two hundred martial artists killed all of his people?

Surrendering now at the very least would mean that less people would die.

This unsuspenseful battle ended just like that.

Half of the martial artists had been injured or killed. The Origin Qi Scholars weren’t injured at all, but their expressions were extremely dire. Evidently, the scene they had just witnessed had shocked them to their very core. None of Su Chen’s two hundred martial artists had died. Not only that, but they still had enough energy to joke around with each other. They didn’t look like they had just fought a fierce battle at all.

This totally stunned everyone who had witnessed the strength of the martial artists that Su Chen had improved.

In reality, there was one...

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