Chapter 152: Betting on a Fight (1)

Chapter 152: Betting on a Fight (1)

Within the Lin Residence.

The Lin Clan’s bloodline was the Silver Moonlight Falcon, the same bloodline as that of the Origin Qi Scholar who had destroyed Su Chen’s Shadow Substance.

After killing Xiong Tianyue, Su Chen led the others without stopping to Moonlight Alley, where the Lin Residence was located.

They didn’t launch an ambush or a surprise attack. Instead, they just burst right through the front door.

After the He Residence had been attacked, all of the clans had bolstered the defenses within their residences as well, protecting themselves from a disadvantageous position.

The opportunity to launch an ambush had passed, so now it was time to directly strike at the opponent.

This was why Su Chen and the others had broken in in such an imposing manner.

Their footsteps were quick and agile.

Their robes rippled in the wind.

Their killing intent billowed everywhere.

Su Chen along with his subordinates were...

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