Chapter 151: Roping in (2)

Chapter 151: Roping in (2)

Long Qingjiang stared at Su Chen, tongue-tied. “Su Chen...... You’re too vicious! You’re trying to wipe us out too!”

“Wipe you out? I don’t think so. Actually, it’s the exact opposite - I’m saving you as recompense for what happened at the Southern Mountain,” Su Chen said calmly.

“Do you really think that you’ve won for sure?” Long Qingjiang stared at Su Chen savagely.

“Why not?” Su Chen countered. “The He and Xiong Clans have both been finished off, and the Wei and Shen Clans are being bullied by you guys and would love to see you all destroyed. They won’t be of any help at all, at least not at the very beginning. The Wang Clan is being suppressed by City Lord An. They might not even be able to bring out any strength at all to help; instead, they might need the help of the other clans. In other words, the current alliance is only really composed of five clans.”


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