Chapter 150: Roping In (1)

Chapter 150: Roping In (1)

Long Qingjiang watched the various clans leave before returning to the room, his expression serious.

“Father, have they left?” Long Shaoyou came over and said.

After letting Su Chen go at Southern Mountain, Su Chen had sent over the medicine for Long Shaoyou, allowing Long Shaoyou to recover and become healthy again.

Long Shaoyou had been bedridden for six years. His temperament had become much calmer. His face was a bit pale because he hadn’t seen the sun for a long time, but his condition had been steadily improving during these past two months of recovery.

“Mmm.” As he watched his son mature, Long Qingjiang felt that the price that he had paid was worth it.

No matter how greedy, cruel, or savage he was, he was at the very least a proper father when taking care of his son.

Long Qingjiang watched his son and said, “The people have left, but their misgivings...

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