Chapter 149: Counterattack (8)

Chapter 149: Counterattack (8)

The He Clan was finished.

The Clan Patriarch He Wuqian had died in combat, and the clan’s elders, He Wujiu, He Wuxiang, and He Wuxin had all been killed along with a whole bunch of the clan’s elites.

This news quickly spread throughout every alley and street of Clear River City like the rain from yesterday’s storm, shocking everyone.

The ones bearing the blame were naturally still the Long Clear Gang and the Evil Tiger Gang. This time, however, the two gangs were not fighting on their own but had instead allied themselves together.

But what people had the hardest time understanding was, why the He Clan?

The Shen and Wei Clans were the main powers that were being attacked, the ones being humiliated and whittled away. When had the wolves suddenly turned to the He Clan?

And how could the Long Clear Gang and Evil Tiger Gang deal with the He Clan?

The gangs were always under the control of the Bloodline Nobility Clans because they didn’t...

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