Chapter 147: Counterattack (6)

Chapter 147: Counterattack (6)

“Even Lian Yanyi and Luo Yu were arrested?”

Wang Peiyuan stared at the report in his hands, his expression stern.

The report was short but concise, giving off a ton of pressure.

The consequences of not killing Su Chen were now rearing their ugly heads. Su Chen had started his retaliation as soon as he had returned.

Actually, he wasn’t all that surprised that Su Chen would try and get revenge. But to do so in such a decisive and unstoppable manner had totally caught him off guard.

And even more importantly, Shen Yuanhong had been killed and Wei Pei was seriously injured.

The loss of these two peak existences had erased Su Chen’s fear and gave him room to start moving in a much bolder way.

Even though the Wang Clan still had Wang Zhanyu, An Siyuan’s existence nullified Wang Zhanyu’s usefulness, making it so that the success of this battle depended on those with lower cultivation bases, which was exactly what Su Chen was going for.

Wang Peiyuan felt his heart tighten...

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