Chapter 146: Counterattack (5)

Chapter 146: Counterattack (5)

Within the Eight Treasures Tower.

Wu Shan sat at a seat near a window, gulping down a bowl of wine. The Eight Treasures Tower had eight delicacies, and this wine was one of them. The alcohol content was extremely high, it had a lingering aftertaste, and was so potent that it would explode if even a spark touched it.

Wu Shan loved to drink strong wine, just like how he liked strong females. Only wines that burned while going down were worth drinking.

After becoming an Origin Qi Scholar, mortal pleasures often became dull, so they would need to search for newer and more powerful stimuli. Some Origin Qi Scholars took lots of risks, others focused on their cultivation, and still others would constantly up the ante on the stimulation they received during their daily life.


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