Chapter 145: Counterattack (4)

Chapter 145: Counterattack (4)

Within the Wei Clan’s Residence, Clear River City.

As soon as Wei Songlin walked out, a bunch of people swarmed around him. “Elder, what’s the situation like? How is Clan Patriarch?”

Wei Songlin said, his expression dark, “His Lotus Platform has shattered and his cultivation base has dropped back to the peak of the Yang Opening Realm.”

“What?” Everyone who heard this was stunned.

Wei Songlin added on, “However, his foundation is still there. Father said that as long as he carefully nurses his wounds, he should be able to reach the Light Shaking Realm again.”

“That’s good,” everyone sighed with relief.

As long as he could reach the Light Shaking Realm again, then the situation wasn’t too dire.

“However, it’s going to take at least ten years or so.”

This single sentence brought everyone abruptly back to reality.

Ten years!

Ten years...

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