Chapter 144: Counterattack (3)

Chapter 144: Counterattack (3)

That evening, the Long Clear Gang forcefully attacked, destroying the Red Eagle Gang. Gang leader Gong Kenan was killed on the spot, and the Red Dust Street became part of the Long Clear Gang’s territory.

When news of this matter spread, all of Clear River City was shocked.

The Long Clear Gang had always done things under the control of the Bloodline Nobility Clans, so major disagreements rarely occurred, even though there was the occasional bit of friction. The Red Eagle Gang belonged to the Shen Clan, while the Long Clear Gang belonged to the Lai Clan. For the Long Clear Gang to make a move at this moment had profound implications.

At that moment, a rumor suddenly began to spread.

While Shen Yuanhong was out on a trip, he had suffered a tragic death.

The whole Long Clear City exploded into commotion like something was dropped into a smoking hot pan.

Shen Yuanhong was a Light Shaking Realm, one of...

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