Chapter 143: Counterattack (2)

Chapter 143: Counterattack (2)

Of course it’s to finish off those Bloodline Nobility Clans!

Finish off those Bloodline Nobility Clans!

Finish off the Nobility Clans!

Su Chen’s words rang out like thunder in An Siyuan’s ears.

Hadn’t An Siyuan been trying to finish off those influential and powerful Bloodline Nobility Clans this whole time?

However, when Su Chen vocalized it, An Siyuan felt a strange feeling overcome him.

It wasn’t because he didn’t want that, but because he for some reason felt that Su Chen was in control of everything.

Thankfully, this strange feeling disappeared in but a moment. An Siyuan calmed himself and asked, “How do you want me to take them out? Just simply send troops over? Even if a Shen Yuanhong dies, those Bloodline Nobility Clans’ foundation might not have been shaken at all. Even if Wang Zhanyu and Wei Pei also die, I cannot send troops to kill them for no reason, can I?”

“But can they can attack imperial...

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