Chapter 142: Counterattack (1)

Chapter 142: Counterattack (1)

As they watched the streak of light disappear into the distance, Su Chen, Jiang Xishui, and the rest all had dumbfounded expressions.

“Did...... did he get just away?” Ma Hongfei asked hesitatingly.

“Oh...... he should have gotten away, right?” Jiang Xishui wasn’t too certain and glanced at Su Chen.

“It seems like he’s gotten away,” Cloud Leopard added.

Only Iron Cliff was incredibly confident. “He got away.”

After staying with Su Chen for so long, they had become used to winning time after time. None of them ever expected that their opponent would successfully escape, and they almost instinctively believed that Su Chen would still have some kind of tactic to turn around this loss.

Su Chen sighed and said, “This old man has been around for a long time. How could he not have some kind of ace up his sleeve? It’s not...

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