Chapter 137: The Chase

Chapter 137: The Chase

Wei Pei was extremely fast, but the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was even faster.

The core concept of a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle has always been a speed so fast it could easily outcompete a powerful expert. As for its defensive and offensive capabilities, those were just additions to this foundation. The Sky Lightning Cannon’s true purpose and intended function was to attract the enemy’s attention.

As long as Su Chen wanted to, he could have easily left Wei Pei in the dust.

However, Su Chen didn’t want to.

He carefully controlled the speed of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, maintaining his distance from Wei Pei and stringing him along as if he were using a dangling carrot to lead a donkey. The donkey constantly chased after it, but regardless of its efforts it was unable to reach the carrot.

At the beginning,...

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