Chapter 136: Another Attack

Chapter 136: Another Attack

“That’s how it is. I used up all the energy I had to drive off Shen Yuanhong’s attacks, but we sustained quite a few losses as well.”

Jiang Xishui sighed within the central hall, “Light Shaking is Light Shaking. The gap is truly too great. Even though I have a Primordial Beast Bloodline, I can’t withstand them easily.”

“Aren’t you still able to withstand them even now?” Cloud Leopard laughed.

“But that’s by combining everyone’s strength,” Jiang Xishui replied straightforwardly. “The first time, Shen Yuanhong gave me an opportunity to think things over when he saw that I have a Primordial Beast Bloodline, but the second time my identity wasn’t enough to stop him. He said that he wanted to wipe out the Third River Army like the Black River Army, only leaving me alive. It was only by our furious counterattack that we were able to beat him back. Having...

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