Chapter 134: Beast Hide

Chapter 134: Beast Hide

When he heard Su Chen’s words, Gu Jintang’s expression tightened. Spending ten thousand Origin Stones to use it as a cushion? Brother, your pretentiousness has reached a whole new level.

However, he thought about it more and realized that Su Chen wasn’t acting pretentiously at all.

To him, a few ten thousand Origin Stones really was just a small amount.

After experiencing two more rounds of bidding, Su Chen finally got the hide for seventy thousand Origin Stones.

This was the last item that he purchased from the auction.

After he got it, he immediately activated his microscopic eye and inspected the hide. However, he discovered that this hide was composed of countless microscopic organisms densely interwoven into layers, forming an extremely strange scene that was hard to describe.

Even with Su Chen’s eyes, he couldn’t tell what exactly...

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