Chapter 133: Sea of Clouds Auction (5)

Chapter 133: Sea of Clouds Auction (5)

After obtaining the Algae Thread Coral, Su Chen made five more bids, obtaining a golden bracelet, a set of throwing knives, an Inferno Beast Origin Crystal, a Frost Beast Origin Crystal, and a weapon.

The golden bracelet was a defensive-type Origin Tool, but it wasn’t a barrier defense or a physical defensive item. Rather, it could be tossed out into the air, and it would float there, blocking all attacks. Once it reached its limit, it would automatically fall to the ground.

Each knife in the set of flying knives contained complicated Origin Formations. After striking a target, they could unleash the power equivalent to the full-power attack of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with five Lotus Platforms. They were incredibly powerful, but each throwing knife could only be used once.

The Inferno and Frost Beast Origin Crystals were used to supplement fire- and ice-type Origin Skills. They would be useful for boosting Su Chen’s Ancient Arcana Techniques.

The weapon was a Grade Six Mountain-Beheading Blade, a powerful offensive Origin Tool weapon....

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