Chapter 132: Sea of Clouds Auction (4)

Chapter 132: Sea of Clouds Auction (4)

After the Arcane Heavy Armor came a pair of Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots.

The Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots were Grade Five Origin Tools, which could typically only be used by a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. However, this Origin Tool was a bit unique; Origin Qi Scholars a tier lower could also use it. This pair of boots had a flight Origin Formation built-in. As soon as the user activated this formation, any weight-reduction techniques would be boosted, allowing a person to soar through the air. In addition to this, the user could activate a shadow-chasing Origin Skill once a day that allowed the user to jump to a person’s shadow. It was quite a powerful movement skill.

Even though Su Chen already had the Whitetower Teleportation, it could not be used in rapid succession, and Su Chen...

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