Chapter 131: Sea of Clouds Auction (3)

Chapter 131: Sea of Clouds Auction (3)

In terms of consciousness power, the person in the guest room was actually a bit more powerful than Su Chen.

However, he couldn’t withstand Su Chen’s medicines!

According to his agreement with the Immortal Temple, Su Chen no longer needed to concoct Spirit Sobering Medicines for the Immortal Temple, but he still had plenty of Corpse Spirit Flowers leftover. After buying the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, Su Chen was planning on increasing his own consciousness power, so he had concocted a huge pile of them the night before. Unexpectedly, they came in handy at this moment.

With his medicine as a trump card, Su Chen feared a battle of consciousness power the least.

Even though the person in the other guest room had a powerful consciousness, he wasn’t unafraid of consumption like Su Chen. Eventually, his defenses failed, and Su Chen forced his way into...

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