Chapter 130: Sea of Clouds Auction (2)

Chapter 130: Sea of Clouds Auction (2)

Sun Zhengtao had just spoken when someone said, “I’ll take it for 800,000!”


“A million!”

“1.1 million!”

The price very quickly exceeded 1 million Origin Stones, reaching the price of a Grade Five Origin Tool.

This was the attraction of a top-tier treasure. When a typical Origin Qi Scholar used a Grade Six Origin Tool to unleash a power that surpassed their normal limits, it would increase their strength by quite a bit. It was worth paying even more money for it.

Su Chen smiled at Gu Qingluo. “That bracelet seems pretty good, and its design is quite elegant. What do you think about me gifting it to you?”

Su Chen knew that to girls, most of the time practicality was much less important than appearances, so he emphasized the stylishness of the bracelet.

Indeed, Gu Qingluo laughed and replied, “Is that really fine?”

“I think it’s fine.”...

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