Chapter 129: Sea of Clouds Auction (1)

Chapter 129: Sea of Clouds Auction (1)

“One of the clan’s elders needs it. He was wounded badly two years ago in a duel with someone and has no way of recovering completely. We don’t know how much longer he’s going to be able to hold on. The only way to ensure his survival was to activate the Shining Dragon Bloodline in his body,” Gu Qingluo said.

The Shining Dragon’s bloodline was incredibly powerful and possessed a powerful lifeforce. As soon as it activated, he would naturally recover.

“But if that happens, that elder is going to need to leave the Longxi Gu Clan and head for the Empty Mountain, right?” Su Chen asked.

“Yes, but so what? The Empty Mountain Kingdom is a prison meant to contain the Gu Clan, but it isn’t totally restrictive. As long as he doesn’t leave Empty Mountain, he’ll still have some freedom. The amount of territory the...

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