Chapter 128: Successful Roping In

Chapter 128: Successful Roping In

An instant later, Su Chen handed him another blade. “Eight Doors Windbreaking Blade. It has incredibly attack speed. The blade strikes are like wind and are difficult to dodge, but it’s more useful for those who are nimble...... It doesn’t suit you.”

He took it back.

Gu Jintang watched as yet another treasure flashed past his eyes. He wanted to say, “It’s alright if it doesn’t suit me”, but it was already too late.

Su Chen picked up a bag of darts. “Falling Leaves Darts. A very sharp concealed weapon. It can fly autonomously through the air and will automatically return when it hits a target. The body of the darts are empty and can be filled with poison. They also have a certain amount of armor penetration. Paired with the Flying Flower Hands, they might be quite lethal. Unfortunately they’re just a Grade...

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