Chapter 127: Spending Flair

Chapter 127: Spending Flair

Cui Miaoling adeptly swiped away 155 million Origin Stones from Su Chen’s card, simultaneously placing the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle into Su Chen’s hands.

“Congratulations, Prince. You’ve obtained a rare treasure today; I have faith that it won’t fail to live up to Prince’s expectations. As for these other materials, this workshop will need a few days to gather them all. Please come back in three days to retrieve them.”

“Alright.” Su Chen knew that he had asked for a lot, and the Flying Moon Workshop wouldn’t be able to gather it all immediately. As such, he didn’t push things; in any case, he was still going to be in Long Coiling City for a few days, so he didn’t mind waiting.

“Does Prince require anything else?” Cui Miaoling asked.

“Oh, most of the things that I need we already have. I’m just looking to fill in some equipment gaps.”

Su Chen already knew exactly which raw...

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