Chapter 126: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (3)

Chapter 126: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (3)

Upon realizing this, the corners of Su Chen’s mouth quirked up in a smile.

He said, “I want to try out how much energy it expends.”

“Prince, please.” Cui Miaoling raised her hand and unleashed the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. This Flood Dragon Shuttle expanded back to its original size. Su Chen jumped in and began to try and control this shuttle. Indeed, he felt a strong draw beginning to occur, as if a vortex was constantly pulling Su Chen’s consciousness power in.

Even with his consciousness power, Su Chen felt a wave of dizziness wash over him, and he was amazed in his heart. If this had been anyone else, they might have been knocked unconscious by the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle before even starting to drive it.

He finally got the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon...

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