Chapter 125: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (2)

Chapter 125: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (2)

This Su Chen was just being pretentious; he had no money yet liked to pretend to act like he did. Maybe Seventh Junior Sister had been beguiled by him like this, but he couldn’t get past Gu Jintang’s sharp eyes. He was absolutely going to expose Su Chen’s fakeness today and open Seventh Junior Sister’s eyes, Gu Jintang thought to himself.

Cui Miaoling was still discussing prices with Su Chen. “Then how much does Prince wish it was?”

“Eighty million should be an appropriate price,” Su Chen replied.


Gu Jintang, who had been sitting back watching the play unfold in front of him suddenly spat out his tea.

Eighty million?

Gu Jintang stared at Su Chen in shock.

He dared to call out that kind of a price?

More accurately, this price was quite rational, and it implied that the Flying Moon Workshop was likely to accept it.

Did Su Chen really have that much money?

That was the first thought that flashed through Gu Jintang’s head.


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