Chapter 124: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (1)

Chapter 124: Cloud-Piercing Shuttle (1)

Upon seeing so many Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, the three of them clucked their tongues in amazement.

It was no surprise that this Flying Moon Workshop was one of the stores within Long Sang Country with the most reknown. They even had so many Cloud-Piercing Shuttles, which were incredibly expensive treasures.

Su Chen’s 780 million Origin Stones might not even be enough to buy all of the Cloud-Piercing Shuttles stored on the fourth floor.

When faced with this realization, Su Chen suddenly felt that the sum of money he possessed was far from being a lot.

People who really had money were probably those who considered high-grade Origin Stones to be the base unit of currency. He was still far from reaching that status yet.

“Please, look. This is the Purple Lightning Shuttle. This Shuttle’s biggest advantage is that it’s extremely fast, one of the fastest Cloud-Piercing Shuttles...

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