Chapter 123: Meeting

Chapter 123: Meeting

“You’re going to Long Coiling City?” Cloud Leopard asked with some surprise, sitting in the Su Palace’s main hall.

Su Chen replied, “I made quite a bit of money selling the Yang Opening Realm technique this time, so I’m planning on spending some of it to increase my strength. What do you think? Want to come along with me? You’ll benefit as well.”

“Alright!” When he heard that they were going to be spending money, Cloud Leopard’s interest was immediately piqued.

Long Coiling City was the capital of Long Sang Country. Just like all the other human kingdoms, the best ingredients and treasures are all gathered there. Unfortunately, while they were students, most of their time was spent studying at the Hidden Dragon Institute, and most of them didn’t have much money to speak of anyways. Opportunities were hard to come by because they were always stuck inside the city. Now that Su Chen had made a crazy sum of money and had an opportunity to go to Long...

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