Chapter 122: A Huge Haul

Chapter 122: A Huge Haul

Bitterness was an almost instinctive response; they didn’t need to wait until a destructive fate came upon them.

Even though they couldn’t see the effects of reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline, those Bloodline Nobility Clans instinctively disliked this kind of a development.

This was like a precious toy that had originally belonged to themselves and a few close friends.

But now, a bunch of lower-status commoners had it as well.

Since even the commoners had it, it was no longer an item that the Bloodline Nobility Clans could value. The pride that they once had also took a hit.

For this kind of thing to happen with something closely tied to the strength and status of an Origin Qi Scholar only amplified these hard-to-describe feelings.

They couldn’t openly say that the technique for reaching the Yang Opening realm without a bloodline was bad or publicly refuse to allow people to cultivate it, so they had to use their own methods to slander it.

The first wave of comments targeting Cloud Bat and opposing...

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