Chapter 119: Escape

Chapter 119: Escape

Ever since Long Shaoyou’s spirit had been corroded by Wei Liancheng’s Imprisoned Fiend Fog, he had been lying on a sickbed.

He had been bedridden for over six years.

His remaining alive in these past six years was totally due to a doctor called Chen Shu.

These past few years, Long Qingjiang had tried to search for other people and use different methods, but without exception they had all failed.

Only Doctor Chen’s medicine could slow down the poison within Long Shaoyou’s body.

Long Qingjiang had also suspected Chen Shu’s identity before, and he had even guessed that it might be Su Chen.

But he didn’t dare verify it.

He was afraid.

If he verified that Chen Shu was Su Chen, what was he to do?

He didn’t want to think about this outcome, so he could only avoid it.

Even so, the biggest issue with this was that one day, sooner or later, he wouldn’t be able to avoid it anymore.

That day,...

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