Chapter 117: Spree (1)

Chapter 117: Spree (1)

“There’s three more!”

After killing this opponent, Su Chen licked his lips, then turned around to face the other two Yang Opening Realm cultivators who were still awake.

The two of them were in complete panic. They simultaneously retreated, already planning on making their exit.

Su Chen laughed sardonically. “You’d better stay here for me!”

His figure flashed forward as he attacked, the massive Shadow Flame-covered Incarnation appearing behind him again.

The two Yang Opening Realm cultivators split up. One of them unleashed a torrent of energy in Su Chen’s direction. Concealed within the torrent of energy was the image of a Frost Scorpion, who aimed its massive stinger right at Su Chen.

The other person unleashed an attack at the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had been controlled earlier. After recovering from the initial shock, this person had obviously realized that the other Yang Opening Realm cultivator was under the influence of an illusion technique and was trying to arouse him as quickly as possible.

Su Chen...

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