Chapter 116: True Strength (3)

Chapter 116: True Strength (3)

“My apologies!” Su Chen said as he watched the people running away. He leapt forward in pursuit. A large number of Erupting Firehawks surged forward, but this time the Firehawks seemed to glow with a faint dark luster.

They had also been infused with Shadow Energy.

Even though Su Chen had some compassion for them, he knew that he couldn’t be soft. If he let these people get away, they would definitely come back to trouble him if any reinforcements were to come.

There were simply too many enemies. Even if Su Chen was stronger, he wouldn’t allow himself to get caught in the endless onslaught of enemies. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to conceal his strength like this all the way until now.

As soon as he unleashed his true strength, he would need to resolve the situation quickly. Otherwise, if his enemies were to find out, he wouldn’t have any...

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