Chapter 115: True Strength (2)

Chapter 115: True Strength (2)

He casually picked Lai Yunfeng up like he was grasping a chicken by the neck.

Su Chen glanced down at Lai Yunfeng, who he had put in a subservient position, mockery written all over his face. “Is this all of your strength?”

“How can this be possible?” Lai Yunfeng yelled with shock. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t even withstand a single grasp from Su Chen.

Regardless, Su Chen’s grasps were simply too quick. Lai Yunfeng didn’t even have time to react before he was caught.

“NO!” he howled frantically, activating the Origin Energy in his body to its greatest extent. The Origin Energy in his body exploded, and the image of the White Phosphorus Snake appeared behind him, pouncing at Su Chen as if it had physical substance.

The more times a person had awakened their bloodline, the more real the bloodline...

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