Chapter 114: True Strength (1)

Chapter 114: True Strength (1)

Sitting inside a large tent, Wang Peiyuan stared at the report from his subordinates, his expression as still as a body of water.

“Two hours...... I gave you all two hours, but not only were you not able to catch Su Chen, your battle achievements were quite glorious, weren’t they? Chi Lianwei died, Qiu Shanbei died, Hou Zhonglie died, and He Houshan also died...... Four Yang Opening Realm experts, twelve Blood Boiling Realm experts, nineteen Qi Drawing Realm experts and dozens of Origin Qi Scholars gone, just like that! You really are quite willing to die, aren’t you?”

Wang Peiyuan’s voice wasn’t loud, but the flames of anger that he couldn’t suppress sent chills down the spines of everyone present.

“Blame our incompetence, but that Su Chen is too slippery. That guy uses all kinds of different environments...

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