Chapter 113: Sea of Poison

Chapter 113: Sea of Poison

As soon as the howl sounded out, inky-green poisonous water began to spurt out from the ground underneath their feet .

No, this wasn’t water; this was the Two-Faced Stone Toad’s poison springs.

More specifically, they had been walking amongst the Two-Faced Stone Toad’s poison springs from the very beginning.

These holes were the warts on the Stone Toad’s back, but because the Stone Toad had consumed so much earth essence, a thick layer of stone had formed on the outside of the warts. The stone was so thick that it made it seem like they were inside a cave. When they stepped into this place, they had entered a toxic point on their own.

Even though the Two-Faced Stone Toad was generally calm, that didn’t mean that it was a pushover....

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