Chapter 112: Two-Faced Stone Toad

Chapter 112: Two-Faced Stone Toad

Su Chen had done many, many experiments.

He had long lost track of how many experiments he had performed in the past fifteen or so years.

Most of these experiments were failures.

Even though they were failures, however, they had their own value.

What he had used on He Houshan was a failed experiment called the Devil Puppet.

He had gotten the idea for the Devil Puppet from another student’s bloodline. This student’s bloodline didn’t let him control organisms that were still alive like Jin Ling’er and Zhou Juanjia, but he could control deceased beings and cause them to come back to life.

Of course, they weren’t really coming back to life; this was just a kind of dummy control technique.

After Su Chen had gotten his hands on that student’s bloodline, he had begun to research whether or not he could develop a similar Origin Skill, but had failed in the end.

The Devil Puppets...

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