Chapter 111: Remodel

Chapter 111: Remodel

Within the gloomy forest, a group of Origin Qi Scholars carefully patrolled.

One of the Origin Qi Scholars was holding one of the Shorttailed Foxhounds in his hands.

The Foxhound seemed small, but it was a genuine mid-tier Vicious Beast, and its combat ability was decent as well. The small beast sniffed the air around it, an unsettled, impatient expression appearing on its face.

“The Foxhound is reacting to something. Everyone, be careful! He could be nearby,” the Origin Qi Scholar holding the Foxhound said.

Even though the Shorttailed Foxhound had an incredibly acute sense of smell, it wasn’t impossible to deal with. Some medicines could conceal scent. If you were lucky enough, some mud might even be able to do the job.

After charging into the mountains, his scent had become much weaker. Even though he hadn’t been...

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