Chapter 110: Hunt

Chapter 110: Hunt

After concealing himself, Su Chen’s Whitetower Teleportation sent him in the direction of the Southern Mountains.

He was very clear that these Bloodline Nobility Clan individuals wouldn’t let him get into the city easily, and even if he could get in it wouldn’t do him much good - An Siyuan wasn’t in the city, and Lu Qingguang might not be willing to help him (or at the very least wouldn’t put much effort into it).

If he went into the city, he would be like a bird trapped in a cage.

Since this was the case, then why not play around with this group of people for a bit? Even though the situation had occurred quite suddenly, Su Chen had been waiting for this moment for a number of years and was well-prepared.

Su Chen dove right into the forest, his figure as quick as the wind.

He hadn’t run far when he heard the sound of pursuers on his tail. Most frustratingly, the sounds of dogs barking could be heard mixed...

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