Chapter 109: Making Trouble

Chapter 109: Making Trouble

The Soaring Pavilion was in the south of Clear River City. It was an old establishment that had been there for over seventy years and was owned by a small clan in Clear River City.

This tavern specialized in exotic fare and tended to be on the lighter side to preserve the original taste of the food. Su Chen was from the Three Mountains Region, and his tastes were quite similar, so he quite enjoyed eating in this place. For the other party to invite him here was quite a considerate move.

The scenery around the Soaring Pavilion was quite beautiful. One could see Clear River City in all its splendor from the top floor to the north, while to the south was the Southern Mountains.

At noon, Su Chen arrived at the Soaring Pavilion.

Upon arriving, a servant brought him to a side room. It wasn’t until he entered the room that he discovered...

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